Reflections from
the Moon Below

MAY 17—JUNE 29 2019

Reflections from the moon below is a solo exhibition that explores the complexities in the joy and pain one can experience through life. The work looks at imagery from past and present as tools for how memories and experiences pull, shift, and expand overtime through juxtaposing and altering these images with one another as works that pulls from within. Familial connections and imagination are central praxises in the cross disciplinary work which pulls inspiration from improvisation and compositions of jazz and baltimore club music.

Additionally, the work takes interest in collaged fragments of remembrance and the mystification of these moments through time. Found imagery and archived objects are given a transcendent spiritual quality in the orientation and display of the exhibition via repetition, abstraction, and hybridizations. The show hopes to engage with the public as a beginning for contemplating the holistic notion of the self as it relates to one and the collective. This work ultimately looks to serve as an ode and thank you note to the family, spirit, and self. In order to continue doing any kind of work I must honor the three to serve as grounds and a basis for evolution.